It’s Been a While

Although my last post was a few months ago I’ve still been painting. I haven’t felt like writing because my law course was coming to an end so it felt like I was spending all my time either reading or writing. It paid off since I got a distinction (the highest grade, roughly equivalent to a 3.8-4.0 GPA for Americans), though I then found myself stressed at having a hard time finding a graduate job. I still haven’t been successful but apparently it takes 6 months on average to get a graduate job whereas I’m in my 3rd month of actively searching so that’s calmed me a bit. I had an interview last week but was told other candidates had more experience so I’m going to do some volunteering at a charity that gives people free legal advice. I think it will raise my spirits since I currently feel useless and am spending all my time at home. I’m also changing my perspective to see unemployment as a chance to improve my painting as much as possible with the free time I have.

My excuses for being silent aside, here are paintings I’ve done that I don’t feel require explanation so I can show them in rapid-fire fashion:

repin copy
Copy of Repin’s Portrait of S.L. Lyubitskaya
zorn copy
Copy of Zorn’s “Ols Maria”
Study of a woman 1
Study of a woman
Study of a woman 2
Study of a woman 2
Jayne from Croquis Cafe
Kammeron from Croquis Cafe

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