Anton Walbrook as Theo Kretschmar-Schuldorf


A portrait from a scene in the 1943 film “The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp”. It takes the form of a 40 year flashback charting the life of an English general, Clive Candy, from a young firebrand to an old man unable to adapt to the realities of modern war. It is a war film that contains no fighting (even the famous duel scene leaves the actual fighting to the imagination). Instead it focuses on friendship, love, growing old, and conflict between generations.

This is my favourite actor, Anton Walbrook, playing the role of Theo, the main character’s best friend. In the first section of the flashback (1902) he is a young officer of the Imperial German Army selected by lot to duel Clive, in the second section (1918) he is a prisoner of war in England, in the third (1943) he is a refugee fleeing Nazi Germany. Here he is wearing a bandage due to a head injury from the duel.

The film can be seen for free in low resolution if you scroll down and click on the .ogg download (for some reason the mp4 is only audio):

However, I suggest you buy the most recent restoration edition if you can as the Technicolor is brilliant when seen in high resolution.

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